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Why Showit Is The Ultimate Platform For Coaches


Why Showit is the Ultimate Platform for Coaches

Are you a coach, influencer, artist, or service provider who’s wondering if Showit is right for you?

Keep reading to find out why I’ve fallen in love with Showit–and why you will too!

What Is Showit?

Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder. That means it’s easy for anyone (including non-web designers!) to create a beautiful and unique site.

Showit also works seamlessly with WordPress blogging software, which is a huge bonus in my eyes.

WordPress runs 43% of all sites on the internet, including many sites that aren’t blogs.

While you don’t need to have a blog to use Showit, it’s a great tool to use because it’s flexible. You can start your site now and then upgrade to a blog later down the road if you need one.

You can also migrate your existing blog to the Showit platform.

Why Choose Showit Reason #1:
Looks Count (like a lot)

The online space is crowded. There are loads of coaches out there clamouring for your attention.

While I truly believe there is room for everyone (with the right positioning and branding), looks really do count for a lot.

People are busy. They’re looking at lots of stuff online. If your online presence is messy and disorganized, then you might read as “unprofessional” (even if the person doesn’t consciously think that).

A beautiful and cohesive brand experience makes your audience sit up and pay attention. The first step in building a brand is getting them to pay attention to you. So don’t overestimate the power in this step!

Need more convincing? Showit is also the secret tool behind many of your favorite creators gorgeous websites (ex. Jenna Kutcher and to name just a few!)

Why Choose Showit Reason #2:
It’s Simple To Use

While I love WordPress (and have been loyal to them over the years), there’s no arguing with one thing: it can be very confusing to set up and even more confusing to customize.

Most people are stuck between a purchased theme with limited features and hiring an expensive designer. But even when you do hire an expensive designer, you’ll have to re-hire them every time you want to change something.

This is both time-consuming and expensive. But when you’re a beginner entrepreneur or coach, you often want to make changes right away or launch new products as you think of them. Having to hire all of that out just means you have to spend money right away in order to do that (not to mention, wait for their availability).

On the other hand, Showit offers a huge amount of design flexiblity, without coding. Personally, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with a little behind-the-scenes coding but that’s definitely not true for everyone. (Again, I’ve also been using WordPress for years and I know not everyone has that experience.)

The Showit site is simple to use, drag-and-drop. Meaning: you can add in new elements (like photos, text, icons, etc.) wherever you like!

Showit also comes pre-loaded with a number of free website templates. These templates are more than enough to get you off to a great start if you’re ready to play around and customize things yourself. If you’re after a more high-end or customized look, you can branch out into the world of Showit Templates. And if that’s not enough, you can always hire someone to customize a template for you.

Finally, Showit offers fully responsive design, which means your site will look great and work smoothly even on mobile devices. Let’s face it: most of us go online through our phones these days so it’s absolutely essential to make sure your site can keep up.

Why Choose Showit Reason #3:
Stunning Design and Customization Options

Okay, you know Showit is great for design, but what does that mean exactly?

First of all, the drag-and-drop website builder means it’s easy for everyone to customize their site to exactly what they want it to be. Drag-and-drop means exactly that: drag the elements where you want and “drop” them in. Again, that means no coding nightmares or worrying that you might accidentally break something. (Been there, done that! Don’t recommend.)

This gives you an incredible amount of design freedom. Again, it’s important for influencers, coaches, and entrepreneurs to be able to stand out from the crowd. This design flexibility means that you’ll be able to create the website of your dreams–whether you design it yourself, or with the help of a premade Showit template.

As far as branding goes, your Showit site is easy to customize through it’s Design Settings. That’s where you can spec your colors and fonts to be whatever you like.

Showit already uses all Google fonts as a default, so you already have a huge variety of (free!) fonts to choose from. But you can also custom load in your own paid fonts if you have them.

For the rest of your site, Showit allows use of both photos and videos. This is such an easy way to bring your brand to life, especially if you have your own professional photos and videos already.

Finally, Showit allows for cool animations, like scrolling text, fade-in and fade-out, etc. to truly bring all the elements in your vision to life.

Why Choose Showit Reason #4:
Seamless Blogging Capabilities

It’s no secret that blogging is an essential part of many online business strategies. A blog is an easy way to share your expertise and prove yourself as a thought leader or influencer. A blog post also has great longevity in comparison to social media. A blog post you write today can still be useful years from now.

Since Showit works seamlessly with WordPress, it offers all the same features that a WordPress blog does.

You can easily write and edit blog posts, and even schedule them in advance.

When you sign up for a Showit WordPress blog, your blog comes preloaded with a few plugins to make things run a little easier.

One of the most important plugins is Yoast SEO-the plugin that will help Google to find your posts. (More on SEO later in this post!) It’s important that Google can find your blog because that’s how people will find you when they’re busy googling the answer to the problems that you can help them with.

Already have an existing blog? Don’t sweat it. The Showit team can help you migrate it over so you don’t have to worry about it. (Speaking as someone who has migrated blogs a few times, this is a huge headache-saver!)

PS–if the word blog freaks you out, you can skip it and stick with the basic Showit package. Then later on if you want to add a blog, you still have the option.

Why Choose Showit Reason #5:
SEO-Friendly Features

Okay stay with me now: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important online tools you never knew you needed.

As mentioned, this is just the language Google uses to find and categorize your blog or website. For example, if you’re a coach in North Dakota, it would be great if your site turned up on the first page search engine results (SERP) of Google for “coaches in North Dakota”.

So how do you do this? The world of SEO can be rather complicated and heavy, but not to worry. Showit makes it simple to get the basics right so you can start getting found, fast.

They make it easy to change the metadata of a page or post (aka the backend “content” that tells Google what your page is about). It’s also easy to make sure all of your pages and posts use header tags correctly, as well as to tag and optimize your images.

Showit sites also run extremely fast. Site speed is a huge factor for Google so making sure yours is running fast is crucial. Choosing Showit means this happens without you even having to think about it. Win win!

In addition to all of that, Showit will automatically provide your site with an up-to-date SSL certificate–meaning Google knows your site is safe and won’t do creepy internet things like hijack someone’s information.

Why Choose Showit Reason #6:
Awesome Customer Support

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for years now so I can tell you that there are many companies out there who are a bit lacking in the customer service department. But Showit isn’t one of them. They offer fast and friendly service, so even when you get stuck you can get your issues resolved quickly.

They also offer a variety of free trainings for their customers so you can watch tutorials on almost everything you might get confused about.

Why Choose Showit Reason #4:
Mobile Optimization

Let’s face it: most of interact with the internet through our phones these days. That means your site must look just as good on mobile as it does on a normal browser.

Seems reasonable, right? But sometimes tech doesn’t make this so easy. However, Showit allows you to make a completely responsive site design so you can have full creative control and make sure that it looks great on every device.

Why Choose Showit Reason #7:
Competitive Pricing and Plans

Since Showit includes the price of hosting in its packages, it’s pricing is extremely competitive. They offer three different pricing tiers to serve everyone’s unique needs.

Want to get started for free? Showit offers an automatic two-week trial but if you click this link, you can get one month for free (on me!)

Why Choose Showit Reason #8:
Integration with Third-Party Tools

Another one of Showit’s benefits is that integrates seamlessly with many of the tech tools you’re already using. Not only does integrate with most major email marketing platforms (such as MailChimp and Convertki) but it also links up with your social media and Google analytics as well.

Showit also offers the ability to embed code anywhere on your site. So even if your tech doesn’t have an official integration, it’s usually easy to do on your own.

Why Choose Showit Reason #9:
Stay Up To Date Effortlessly

Coaches and entrepreneurs need to focus on building their businesses–not on the tech details. Showit keeps you covered by ensuring your site and plugins are always up-to-date. They are also constantly adding new features to the platform itself as well as keeping track of bugs and performance issues, in case anything ever comes up.

Ready to get started with a Showit template for your coaching business? I recommend my Moon Flower theme to get you started!

Moon Flower Showit Theme for Coaches

So what do you think? Will you try out Showit for your coaching business? What part of it are you the most excited about?

By now I’m sure you understand why I’m so excited about Showit these days! And if you’re ready to start your coaching or small business journey, be sure to check out my templates or custom work packages.

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Why Showit is the Ultimate Platform for Coaches

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