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I'm Jenn Stevens: Bestselling Author | Spiritual Life & Business Coach & Mentor | CEO Of The Aligned Life

One part visionary business mentor, one part spiritual sass-monster, I'm your new spiritual BFF - and I'm here because I believe in your true potential.

What I do:

I share manifestation & mindset magic on my site, The Aligned Life, including my amazing manifestation program, Recode.


I’m a Business Coach For female entrepreneurs Who are ready to unleash their Inner Rock Star so they can magnetize Clients, Customers & Cash

My STory:

I used to have a life that was “good on paper”.

Husband. Business. Swanky-ass loft apartment.

Check. Check and check!

But in reality? It was not so great.

Behind the scenes, I was slowly crumbling away. I’d lost my mojo, my zest, my reason for life (gradually chipping away small bits of myself as I strove so hard to make my narcissist partner happy)

Then the whole thing blew right up. Husband, flat, business GONE, all in the blink of an eye.

Not gonna lie: I was in a world of pain at the time. Break up pain. Not knowing what to do or where to go. But the thing that hurt the most?

I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

In the end, that rock bottom moment proved to be the most defining moment of my life.

(Isn’t it annoying how that works??)

And yes, I had very much lost myself, stuffed my sparkle into a bland beige box, spent far too much time downplaying my internal alarm bells and telling myself I “should” be happy.

But that rock bottom ended up showing me what was missing.

So I (slowly) collected the pieces and began to rebuild my life. But I was suddenly on a few new missions:

To reconnect with my spiritual side (that I had spent literally YEARS ignoring)

To get really really good at making ME happy

I got really into spirituality. I sucked it all up like a sponge. I was constantly reading, watching esoteric YouTube videos, meditating. I was suddenly STARVED for something that even six months previously I would have dismissed.

I also got really good at asking myself some important questions: “How am I feeling right now?” “How do I want to feel?” “What can I do to feel better?”

Sounds so simple right? But these basics are downright revolutionary after a life spent putting other people first.

Eventually I found that these two passions merged in the worlds of Law of Attraction.

Listening to your desires, asking for what you want, aligning your energy towards that? Um hell yes sign me up!

But it didn’t feel like I was learning something NEW.

It actually felt like I was suddenly able to NAME something I’d been able to do my whole life (even if I “forgot” about those powers for a while).

It was like coming home.

Over the next few years, I put myself to WORK.

I've Manifested:

Here's What I Want You To Know Gorgeous:

None of that stuff just happened.

I made it happen.

But make no doubt! I faced a LOT of self-doubt and fear along the way. There was questioning, there was wondering if I’d gone crazy, there was a LOT of wondering WHAT exactly people were going to think.

And I COULD have let that stuff stop me.

I could have decided moving to Europe was too hard or too far.

I could have let the fear of being alone in the city terrify me into staying.

I could have settled for staying in the (low-paying low-respecting) job.

I could have settle for NEVER EVEN FINDING OUT about online business, never mind becoming a coach.

I could have talked myself out of putting myself out there and fighting for my dreams, even when I didn’t QUITE know what my dreams really looked like yet.

I could have stopped so many times.

And I am SO FREAKING HAPPY that I didn’t.

But that unhappy life of mine wasn’t so long ago.

I still remember what it was like: to feel overlooked, invisible, deeply dissatisfied, wondering if life had left me behind and if it was all too late.


If you're currently stuck in fear about starting a business, making more money, calling in a fully aligned relationship, it's time to summon your bravery!

YES, your brain is going to trick you into thinking it knows best, that it’s all too hard, that you shouldn’t even bother.

But YOU HAVE TO keep going.

No matter what YOUR particular goal might happen to be, I want you to know that achieving those goals is the BEST possible thing for you, your partner, your family, the WORLD.

When you raise yourself up to test what’s possible, you inspire and teach so many more people than you know.

You are a divine being of light who is here on PURPOSE.

You were NOT meant to suffer your way through life.

Is today the day you finally decide to go all in on you?

I’m here and ready to support you through your journey, to be both the tough love and your biggest cheerleader.

If nothing changes, nothing changes

This is your one big beautiful life gorgeous! It’s time to be bold and go all in on what you really want from life.

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