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25 Journal Prompts For Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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25 Journal Prompts For Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs

As you might know, I’m a huge fan of journaling.

In fact, I love it so much that I created a whole masterclass on Manifestation Journaling.

While that course is focused on manifestation, that’s far from the only use for journaling.

Surprisingly, journaling can be an amazing practice for your spiritual business as well.

When you do it right, journaling can be like therapy or coaching. Just getting stuff onto paper can help you see your thought errors or negative loops and gain a new perspective on them.

[color]It’s the same when it comes to your business: journaling on what you want in your business and how you want to feel can be an invaluable way to inspire more entrepreneurial growth.[/color]

Now let’s be clear, nothing will replace an actual business coach! But you can still get a lot of the same benefits by adopting this practice for yourself.

I do journaling every day. But trust me, I used to roll my eyes at the whole idea and think that it couldn’t possibly help me.

I’m so glad I was wrong about that one! (Just another limiting belief!)

So to help inspire you to bring this powerful practice into your life, here are 25 of my favorite journal prompts for spiritual entrepreneurs.


25 Journal Prompts For Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Journal Prompt #1:

Who is your dream client and what’s keeping that person awake at night?


Journal Prompt #2:

What’s does your ideal workday look like?


Journal Prompt #3:

What’s a current bottleneck in your business and what else could you do if that was no longer a problem?


Journal Prompt #4:

What’s your next level money goal? Write down the number and journal on how that money would make you feel.


Journal Prompt #5:

What would effortless ease feel like and look like in your business?


Journal Prompt #6:

What are you ultimately helping your clients or customers do/be/feel? (Go beyond the surface level problem!)


Journal Prompt #7:

Zoom out for a little perspective. How does your business ultimately help the entire world?


Journal Prompt #8:

Think legacy. What’s the one thing you want to be known for & why?


Journal Prompt #9:

What experience from your past inspired you to create your business?


Journal Prompt #10:

If your client/customers don’t work with you, what are they missing out on?


Journal Prompt #11:

How does selling your services/products serve the world?


Journal Prompt #12:

What about your product or service is completely unique to you?


Journal Prompt #13:

How does you having more money make the world a better place?


Journal Prompt #14:

What other business owners inspire you and why?


Journal Prompt #15:

What are the words you want people to think of when it comes to you and your business?


Journal Prompt #16:

What’s one thing that you’d love to share with your audience that you’re too scared to?


Journal Prompt #17:

If you didn’t have imposter syndrome or self-doubt, how would you show up today?


Journal Prompt #18:

What’s one message you need to deliver to your ideal customer right now?


Journal Prompt #19:

What’s one thing you know will move your business forward that you’ve been avoiding & why?


Journal Prompt #20:

If the answer could only be yes, what else would you ask for in your business?


Journal Prompt #21:

What would it feel like to show up in your business, share and sell with ease?


Journal Prompt #22:

What are your favorite topics to share when it comes to your business?


Journal Prompt #23:

Pick one business with great branding (colors/logo/etc) and journal on the reasons why you love it.


Journal Prompt #24:

What’s the most fun, fulfilled, aligned way to make money for your business?


Journal Prompt #25:

What essential part of your soul are you not expressing and sharing with your audience?



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Happy journaling my friend!




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25 Journal Prompts For Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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