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Passive Income For Life Coaches + Spiritual Entrepreneurs: 8 Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend!

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Becoming a spiritual entrepreneur is one of the best things I ever did for myself!

(The other really-great-thing was moving to Europe! But don’t worry: I’m not here to convince you to do that. 😂 )

But truth be told, the road to success was not easy for me.

In fact, I struggled a lot, especially in the beginning.

And that’s exactly why I’m so passionate today about sharing what I’ve learned along my spiritual boss babe journey!

I do love coaching and for me that’s the ultimate experience: helping someone one-on-one to shift something powerful in their world!

But obviously coaching has it’s limitations:

For one thing, there’s only one of you! So how do you scale your business?

And two, it can be hard to land those dreamy clients, especially when you’re just starting out!

Booking out your schedule with the right coaching clients is hugely important to the success of your business (and I’m not suggesting you stop doing that!).

But what if you could take some of the pressure off by making passive income as your business grows?

In fact, one of the biggest reasons you might not be booking clients is because you feel so desperate about making money. If you could make enough money through passive income to cover your financial bases, then that desperation would no longer be an issue!

That’s why I love passive income as a business model and I’m hugely passionate about it. In fact, that’s what I mostly talk about about over in my signature program Pin Magic!

But you might still be wondering: what can I offer as a life coach, health coach, nutritionist, tarot card reader etc.?

If you’ve never done this before, it might be difficult to think outside the box about what you can offer that will be useful to your audience and make you money. So today I’m here to give you some passive income inspiration!

8 Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! | Passive Income For Life Coaches + Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! Idea #1:

The Mini-Course

A full-blown digital program is what people tend to want to start out with in the world of passive income. But I actually suggest that you don’t.

For one thing, it’s time consuming to create! Yes, if you knew you would sell it 100 times over then it would be worth the investment. But most coaches and spiritual types who are just starting out need to test their ideas first.

The perfect solution to that is a digital mini-course: think small, short lessons delivered over a week or two.

At the end of the day, your potential customer doesn’t really care about how long something is. In fact, most of the time the shorter the better! So focus on a problem you can solve and work on packaging that up in easy bite-sized pieces.

Also, if your idea takes off, you’ll also know that this might be a great area to come back and do a full digital course about later!

Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! Idea #2:

The Digital Masterclass

A digital masterclass is a similar idea to a mini-course. In a masterclass, you typically create 1-2 hours of video content (plus maybe a workbook). You can divide the video up into smaller pieces or deliver it all in one go.

Again, keep the focus on the problem you’re solving! If you can solve a problem for a potential customer in just an hour or two, of course people will be happy to pay!

Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! Idea #3:

The Workbook

A workbook is an especially great idea for coaches. It’s easy to put together and has the potential to offer a powerful transformation to your customers.

Think about what kinds of questions and activities you normally do with your clients. How can you put that into a book format? Again, a workbook doesn’t have to be huge in order to create results.

Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! Idea #4:

The Printable

Printables are hugely popular, especially when it comes to Pinterest. People just love having unique daily worksheets, planners, templates…you name it!

So think about it: what kind of printable could you create that would solve a problem for your dream customer? Whether that’s tracking mindfulness meditations or workouts, there are tons of ways to do this that create change for your people and put money in your bank account!

Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! Idea #5:

The Tutorial

Tutorials are another amazing way to help out your audience and put money in your bank account. So think about it: what process or activity would your dream clients love you to guide them through?

Think of this as digitally holding their hand while they do something important. As for the format you can get creative. A great tutorial can be a screenshare of you doing something on your laptop, step-by-step written instructions or even an audio training! It’s another simple way you can create something of lasting value quickly that will keep working for you for a long time.

Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! Idea #6:

The Ebook

Ebooks might sound like a huge time commitment to create. But again, there’s no need to get carried away and create an actual full-length book!

Just like a digital program, a profitable ebook solves a problem for someone.

Again, for the average person, length isn’t really an issue. As long as you’re being clear about what you can help with, people will be willing to pay for your expertise.

As a bonus, if you’re shy around video or audio, this might be a great choice for you!

Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! Idea #7:

The Guidebook

A simple guide is another great way to package up your expertise in a way that’s effective and profitable. But again be problem focused: what transformation or process could you lead your customer through? This could be creating a healthy meal plan, how to create business goals or a process to help improve relationships. The more simple and straightforward you can make this, the better!

Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! Idea #8:

The Bundle

A bundle is a great way to give your audience a lot of value without a lot of extra effort from you. For example, I’ve seen coaches take down a bunch of their Facebook livestreams and turn that into a bundle that they can sell.

Think about your existing content and brainstorm on how you could package it all up. Maybe you have some workbooks and videos already that could pack a more powerful punch if you combined the.

Don’t have existing content? That’s okay because you can always design your bundle from scratch! Again, as with everything else, just stay focused on what transformation you’re offering your audience and keep everything in your bundle highly-focused on that.

So tell me: which digital product are you going to implement this weekend? What else can you do starting today to make passive income into your future?

The world of online business and marketing can be hugely overwhelming at times, especially to the spiritual entrepreneur who’s just starting out! But I want you to take a deep breath, look at this list and know that you’ve got this. Everyone has a profitable digital product idea inside them! All you have to do now is follow through to let it out!

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smiling Asian woman in gray dress holding her phone 8 Digital Products You Can Make In A Weekend! | Passive Income For Life Coaches + Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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